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Vinitaly exhibition stand for Accademia dei Racemi


Stand Accademia dei Racemi


Vinitaly exhibition stand


Veronafiere (Vr)


Edition 2012




Bernardino Dimitri Architetto has been responsible for three consecutive editions of the design of a stand for Vinitaly in Verona, the most important wine fair in the world, commissioned by wine producers, Accademia dei Racemi, among the largest of Primitivo di Manduria, have entrusted him with the realization of his own exhibition stand for three consecutive editions.

The design of the stands must take place in such a way as to convey the correct corporate image and identify the product that you want to present to customers.

The exhibition stand of the 2012 edition is unique from a design point of view: the protagonist is the wine "Anarkos", one of the leading labels of the company, a complaint to the loss of the typicality of the wines of Terre di Puglia. It has an area of 64 square meters and a mezzanine of 32 square meters. The structure is made of steel. 

Grafic Project: Marianna Greco - Design & Art