Garage Ristobar

Restyling Garage Ristobar in Mesagne


Garage Ristobar


Restyling Area ristobar and steakhouse "Garage Ristobar" inside the Bar Blue Rose’s


Mesagne (Br)


Project launch: June 2018 End of construction: June 2019




Project of restyling of a bar located on one of the main streets of the town of Mesagne. The design marries the idea of creating a restaurant/steakhouse in "60’s American style": a Citroën 2 CV red, embracing the equipment of the counter, becomes the protagonist of the room, along with the checkerboard coating of black and white colors, and gives an atmosphere of effect and a vintage flavor to the whole place. An interesting choice that meets the modern needs of catering and entertainment by hinting at the past and one to the culture overseas. The design of the studio is also the exterior furniture set-up, designed with the same philosophy as the interior: the car integrates the structure supporting the exterior sign, anticipating the interior environment.