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Restructuring single-family residence in Manduria


Casa SMM


Restructuring single-family residence


Manduria (Ta)


Project launch: November 2005
End of construction: May 2009




Before the renovation, the house consisted exclusively of a cellar with barrel vault and a ground floor with "star" vaults. The client requested a sleeping area on the first floor and the connection of the cellar with the rest of the house.

With the demolition of the old kitchen it was possible to build a hallway that connects the bathroom to the living area, and houses the new staircase to the first floor. From the dining area starts instead the staircase dug into the tuff towards the cellar.

Always in the dining room you opted for a very simple hob and without the use of wall units to not interfere with the design of the vaults. A polished steel beam completes the kitchen top and houses both the extractor hood and the lighting recesses.

During the removal of the old plaster was found a previously walled chimney, this, restored, is back to work.

In the bathroom on the ground floor prevails the pink color of the tiles and the white of the beautiful star vault, while an opening practiced in the center of the vault enhances the geometry and illuminates the bathroom with zenith light.

The lighting is organized with contemporary design elements that do not disturb the architecture of the vaults.

The furniture is characterized by the warmth of wooden furniture that balances the cold colors of the floor and steel.

The exterior design of the façade does not want to distort the existing architecture, even if it is a contemporary intervention.