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Realization of Cantina Fiorentino Showroom in Galatina


Cantina Fiorentino


Realization of Cantina Fiorentino Showroom


Galatina (Le)


Project launch: January 2016
End of construction: December 2017




With the realization of the show Cantina Fiorentino, its founder Pierantonio Fiorentino - entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy and bio-sustainability - inaugurates the beginning of a new era for Cantina Fiorentino.

The visitor has access from the large windows overlooking the flower beds with bamboo and succulents to the show room of 125 square meters open to the public. Once left behind the store with the wooden display from the 95 degree inclined floor and the glazed floor that shows the ancient cisterns can reach the tasting area guided by the parquet floor that cuts the resin surface color grey. Here you can let yourself go to the suggestion generated by the bottles that, in the only yellow bottle holders, rise on the fixed and mobile metal displays on the tracks, along with the images of the places of the territory.