Masseria Cuturi - Sala colazioni (suggestions)

Design of the Breakfast Room of Masseria Cuturi


Masseria Cuturi - Sala colazioni (suggestions)


Design of the Breakfast Room of Masseria Cuturi


Manduria (Ta)


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Masseria Cuturi can be reached along the provincial road that leads from Manduria to San Pietro in Bevagna: after about 4 km you will cross the nearby road Cuturi that leads to the farm of the same name. Built using traditional and local techniques, it is a rural building dating back to the '600, which over time has stratified and enlarged to reach the current configuration: a main building rises together with three additional buildings for sheepfolds and stables, to a church and a farmyard. The renovation involves the main building and the other sticks immediately to the north to create a cellar for wine aging, an oil museum and an agriturismo immersed in about 280 hectares of fields cultivated with olive trees, vineyards and cereals.

The main building has an entrance hall about 25m long, consisting of 6 bays with star vaults that distributes rooms on both sides.

On the west side there is the oil mill, a tool shed and a barn, rooms with vaulted ceilings and surmounted on the upper floor by the manor houses.

The project involves the transformation of the oil mill into a showroom and a sales point furnished with the recovery of the old machinery: hydraulic presses, milling tank, etc. The warehouse and the granary are intended to serve as a wine cellar: they will house the silos and through a staircase will allow access to an underground tank, which will serve as a cellar.

On the east side we find warehouses, warehouses, bathrooms, oven room with furnace and some rooms for caretakers and seasonal workers who have been renovated and equipped with all comforts. A catering area has been designed here. All these rooms with vaulted ceilings and surmounted on the upper floor by housing with vaulted roofs, affected by small variations in internal distribution, are intended for the farm: six double rooms with access from the inner farmyard that is located beyond the main entrance hall have beautiful views of the vineyards and olive groves surrounding Masseria Cuturi.

Further north there are three buildings intended for storage and sheepfolds, with a supporting structure in tuff and flat roof in cocciopesto. The west splint, consisting of the succession of eleven vaulted rooms, will be recovered by grafting four new service blocks. In the ten vaulted rooms of the central splint three suites will be created by adding three blocks of external services. In the east splint will be obtained three suites inside the vaulted rooms and two rooms with bathroom for the disabled in rooms with pitched roof and wooden roof and tiles. Each new suite has a garden of relevance with small shrubs and Mediterranean trees.

The spaces evoke the rural community and bring back the traditions of the Apulian countryside, while the intimate interiors, present the signs of time through all the elements recovered: from the fireplaces to the original floors.