Bar Marzanotto

Interior design project Bar Marzanotto Erchie


Bar Marzanotto


Interior design project


Erchie (Br)


Project launch: January 2018
End of construction: June 2018




When you cross Piazza delle Rimembranze and pass the Palazzo Ducale in the town of Erchie, you notice the logo "Marzanotto". It is the "home" of the pasticciotto at the elixir of San Marzano Borsci, which Bernardino Dimitri Architect has edited for interior design.

The bar welcomes you. The material element par excellence in this project is white wood: covers the counter, organized in slats is the background, combines with iron to create shelves and wall system, with asymmetrical pattern creates the focal point that exposes the bottles of the"elixir". Behind the wall system takes place the consumption area, surmounted by a long shelf.

Looking up, the view of the star vault that covers the room is interrupted by the lighting system specially designed and created: bars and plates that accommodate stripled are suspended creating a polygon and a zigzag line illuminating.

The atmosphere of the bar is soft and quiet: a space suitable for all those who come here to relax or for a short or long break.