Giardino MRE

Garden single-family home in Manduria


Giardino MRE


Garden single-family home


Manduria (Ta)


Project launch: July 2017
End of construction: June 2019




The pedestrian access from the road is connected to the house through a path in large grey stoneware slabs immersed in pine bark mulching and under the forest with cyclamen, crosses and colchico.

The path, L-shaped, flanked by hedges of "eugenia mirtifolia" and bamboo from the black trunk gives access to the paved area surrounding the house.

On the west side, leaning against the house, takes place a winter garden, behind which was built a rock garden with succulent plants. A meadow area is surrounded on three of the four sides by pine bark mulching, colored with plants such as blue agapanto, santolina and bergenia and with grasses such as the "muhlenbergia capillaris" and herbs such as the "stipa tenuissa".

The driveway entrance gives access to a drainage paved area sized to accommodate two uncovered parking spaces.