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External arrangement of the existing garden in Tuglie


Giardino CHN


External arrangement of the existing garden


Tuglie (Le)


Project launch: April 2009
End of construction: June 2012




The project consists in the arrangement of the external space of an existing villa in order to make it a more welcoming and livable place.

The lot has an irregular quadrangular shape and in the center houses the house bordered by a sidewalk.

The fence was already flanked by a perimeter of hedge but through the project the vegetation was increased: the existing trees (citrus, ficus nitida and ficus australis) were placed in a carpet made of grass brightened by the white colors of the dwarf pittospore and the calla, reddish of scotano, yellow of santolina, blue of hydrangea “blue bonnet”, red of horizontal quince and hibiscus rosa sinensis and the pleasant smells coming from rosemary and thyme.

Rocks and stones are used to interrupt the green grassy mantle, to create a pool of water and to create a flower bed near the newly built pergola on the west side. Here, chianche with lawn sown in the joints act as a filter between the green and paved areas and connect the large flower beds with bamboo to the barbecue area designed and built at the back of the house. To the east, on the other hand, the swimming pool with an unusual shape chosen by the client and the wooden garage take place.